Thank you so much for stopping by Mim and Olive! I’m Megan, the granddaughter of Mim and great-niece of Olive, and I’m so glad you stopped by!

While you’re here, I hope that you’ll find a design idea or recipe that inspires you!  Mim and Olive is here to provide you, my new friend, with unique designs and recipes that draw on inspiration from the different styles of two truly special and stylish women, Mim and Olive.

At the heart of Mim and Olive is a desire to bring your friends and family a little closer by providing high quality instructions, products, and services to help every day moments become your friend’s or family’s favorite traditions and memories.  I hope that your kitchen table will be surrounded with friends, good food, and special touches that help your friends and family feel at home!

As you’re scrolling through the ideas, designs, and recipes on my blog, you should know that I like to picture us at my kitchen table, sharing a cup of coffee, and talking about the next event you’re hosting at your home.  I imagine that we’re great friends who spur each other on with our ideas and love of breakfast food.

As you’re getting to know Mim and Olive, there’s a few things you should know about me too. I love holidays and traditions, old and new.  I am happiest when my home is full of people, but I also love the day after a party- the house is quiet, there’s leftovers in the fridge, and we’re recapping the night before over breakfast and coffee.  I can easily get wrapped up in perfection and small details around the holidays or a special event, but what I’ve learned from Mim and Olive is that people just want to feel welcome.  I am on a quest to make people feel comfortable in my home, and I’ll chronicle those efforts here weaving in recipes, design ideas, and stories of Mim and Olive along the way.

Here’s a few other things you should know about me in no particular order:

1. I’m from a really tiny town.

2. I’m an only child. And grew up with Mim and Olive as my neighbors. If you called me spoiled, I wouldn’t correct you.

3. My first pet was a hamster from Olive. I named him Andrew.

4. I’m wife to Dan, and belly scratcher to our dog, Tuck.

5. I showed Jersey cows with the 4H in middle school, and I was the secretary of the Future Farmers of America.  That’s right, it’s a real thing.

6. My very first role in community theater was for The Little Princess. I’ve also played something called the “Mock Turtle” in Alice in Wonderland.  And that’s why I’m not an actress today.

7. Jane Eyre is my favorite book, and I try to read it every Christmas.

8. I love all green candies, but I’m so disappointed that the green Skittle is no longer lime flavored.

9. I could eat Mexican food every day. Every. Day. Eeeeeeevery Day.

10. I was a raft guide for a summer.  I wouldn’t say I was the best, but it was a great summer job.

11. I have big dreams, and I’m pretty excellent at daydreaming.

12. One of my big dreams is to have a beautiful flower garden so I joined the local garden club.

13. I love a musical! I went on the Sound of Music Bicycle Tour in Austria so I can cross that off the bucket list.

14. I was raised by a village.  Lots of aunts, cousins, and family friends poured in to me. Most of them were much older than me (Mim was 75 when I was born) so I definitely fall into the “old soul” category.

15. Most of the people in my family are super athletic.  I wouldn’t say that I’m athletic, but I do love being part of a team.  I joined the lacrosse team at college.  This was before they had try outs.  The first lacrosse game I ever saw I was playing in.  What an adventure!

I really am so glad you stopped by Mim and Olive!  I hope you have a great time looking through the posts, and are inspired by the designs and ideas you find here!








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