Cinco de Mayo! Ole!

Cinco de Mayo.

Cinc-o. De. May-o.


Cinco de Mayo has to be one of the most fun fiestas.  It’s fun to say.  The food is delicious.  The décor is festive.  The drinks are cold.  I really just don’t think it can be beat.

This year was our very first Cinco de Mayo fiesta, and I am hoping it will become an annual tradition.  We’ve got our annual Christmas Eve Eve Dinner in December, and Cinco de Mayo seems like the perfect reason to have a party in the summer.


For Cinco de Mayo, we lit up the backyard with colorful twinkle lights and festive decorations.  We served the food and ate outside at tables covered in butcher paper and mix-matched chairs. The weather was great.  The conversations were better.


While Dan was manning the grill for the fajitas, we had snacks and drinks ready to go. Including a make your own margarita bar.

What I learned is that Pioneer Woman doesn’t hold back in her blackberry margaritas!  We experimented with the recipe, and eventually landed on the one you see written on butcher paper. They were delicious, especially when layered with traditional margaritas.


When your friends volunteer to bring their own blenders you know you’ve got good friends.  Don’t ever let them go. Especially if they’re got a professional grade blender.


And for all that is good in this world, try this lime sugar for the rim! It’s simply sugar with lime zest, but it is oh so good.



The drinks were delicious, and went perfectly with our snacks!


We served guacamole (thank ya much, Publix), Pioneer Woman Restaurant Style Salsa, and a super easy fruit salsa with cinnamon pita.

For dinner we served tacos, steak fajitas, black beans, and rice.  I could tell you that I didn’t get a picture because it was a little dark outside, but the real truth is that we gobbled it up too fast.  No judgment please.

I did manage to get a picture of these perfect little ice cream sandwiches!  We served sugar cookies with raspberry sherbet and brownies with dulce de leche ice cream. Ole.


And when one of your friends just happens to be celebrating a birthday at your Cinco de Mayo fiesta, you throw some candles in the ice cream sandwiches! Then you run outside because you realize they’re melting in the Alabama heat.  And, you get a blurry picture.


Dinner was delicious.

I loved the decorations.

But, do you know what my favorite thing was? Our friends! We played Can Jam, ping pong, ate lots of food, made more margaritas, and had great conversations.

It was a great start to an annual tradition!  I admit that I had big plans for the decorations.  There were lots of things I wanted to make, more recipes I wanted to try, and I had my eye on some dishes that would have been perfect.

I did take some time to set up a small table earlier just to see what things could look like.


At the end of the day though, I wouldn’t have traded our paper covered tables and Hawaiian print chairs for anything.  It doesn’t matter what you’re sitting in.  It matters who’s sitting beside you.


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