Paper Fan Garland


Hey, Friend!  I recently shared with you a little about my friend, Leah, and the most precious baby shower that we hosted for her.


It was a children’s book themed shower, and each of the guests brought a book with a sweet little note written inside.  The menu was created around children’s books, and I made a bacon and spinach quiche for Green Eggs and Ham. The food was delicious, and the decorations were really precious.


One of the decorations I made was a garland for the mantle. I wanted to incorporate children’s books in the decorations so I chose to make a garland out of paper fans. The fans were made using pages from children’s books.


I purchased all of the books from a local thrift store which was a huge money saver. I also stumbled upon this classic, and seriously considered changing the theme of the shower. Bieber Fever, y’all.


Making the garland was so super easy, and I’d love to show you how I made it!

To start, you will need: book pages, scissors/box cutter, hot glue gun and glue sticks, ribbon, buttons, needle, and thread.


To begin, cut out book pages.  For this fan, I wanted to make a large fan, and  used four book pages. I wanted the garland to be colorful and eclectic so I chose pages that had similar colors.


Make accordion folds in each of the pages.  Each fold is a little over one inch and made about 5 folds. This will vary depending on the size of your pages and the size of your folds. You can fold pages together to make things go a little faster, but this can be difficult if the pages are thick.



Fold each of the accordions in half.


Then, glue these center fold of each fan together.


This will create four separate parts of the fan.


Glue two quarters of the fan together creating two halves.

Continue making as many fans as you would like for your garland using the steps listed above. I chose to make fans of different sizes by using different size pages and creating some with only two fan pieces rather than four like this one. Once you have the number of fans you’d like, you can begin assembling the garland.

Cut your ribbon to the length of garland you would like, making sure to leave excess to hang on the mantle or wherever you choose to hang your garland. Space out your fans along the ribbon to make sure it’s as full as you want it to look. When it’s arranged the way you like, begin attaching the fans to the ribbon.

Place the ribbon between the fan halves.


Glue the ribbon to one side of the half, and then the other.



Don’t worry if the fan doesn’t look full yet. It will be fuller when you finish!

Now, repeat this step with the other half of the fan. Gluing one part of the top half to the bottom half, and moving on to the next side.



See how much fuller the fan looks now that you’ve finished?

To really complete the look, add a button! To save time, I glued the end of the thread to the back of the button, then looped the thread through the holes using the needle. I made 4-6 loops on this button to make sure the thread could be seen.


Then, I glued the button to the center of the fan.


Once your fans are attached to the ribbon, your garland is ready to hang!



This really was so easy, and such a fun way to incorporate more children’s books. I hope you enjoy it at your next party!


3 thoughts on “Paper Fan Garland

  1. Such a clever idea! Very colorful and eye catching. This could be used in a new baby’s room as a type if mobile, too! You’re so creative 🙂


  2. I love this idea!! Wish I had thought of it for the baby shower I’m hosting this weekend… And I love some bieber 😉 so funny!!


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