Our Trip to D.C.

We had a fantastic trip to D.C., and my parent’s did a great job on the flight!

This had to be their first flight in at least 25 years, and they rocked it! Check in was not quite a breeze, but not quite like herding cats. So, I’d call that a success.

Once we got on the plane, they were right across the aisle from us so we could keep an eye on them. Mom loved looking out the window.  Dad loved when the plane landed.


Once we got to D.C. lunch became the priority.  We ended up at Legal Seafood, and let me say

It. Was. Delicious.

So delicious that there’s no photo evidence to share for it.  There was really no time before devouring the bowl of cream of crab soup. So. Good.

We walked around the world to get there, according to Mom. Reality is that we walked two blocks and went back to the hotel for a nap before the rehearsal dinner.

The centerpieces of the rehearsal dinner were so lovely, and incorporated the language of flowers.  Did you know that daisies can mean loyal love and bells of Ireland can mean good luck?

On Saturday, we took a taxi to Mount Vernon.  We visited Mount Vernon many summers when I was growing up, and it was so fun to be back!


It was rainy, but we had a fantastic time! And just look how cute they are!


After a trip to Mount Vernon, we went to my aunt and uncle’s for lunch and the best cakes ever!


Family time is really the best time.


It’s always special when all of my dad’s brothers are together.  This doesn’t happen often, so it’s so fun when they can all be together!


We made it back to the hotel with just enough time for a nap. We really know how to relax.

The wedding was at the National Museum of Women in the Art’s. It was such a neat venue, and everything was beautiful!

I love all those special little details at a wedding. The bride is a librarian so our seating chart used the Dewey Decimal System. Our table was 941.5 for Ireland, one of their vacation spots.  That’s just the special little detail I love!

They also had a “Treat you self” pie topper and the favors were doughnuts. I’m not really sure you can beat that.

All in all, it was a great weekend! We are so looking forward to being back in Mount Vernon this summer for more family time!

Things have not slowed down since we got back. Last weekend I got to help with a shower for a really precious friend, and this weekend we’ll be hosting Sunday Brunch.

Check in again later this week.  I’l be sharing a recipe and craft idea from the cutest children’s book shower you’ve ever seen.  


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