Amy’s Moving to Huntsville!

Let me tell you about my friend, Amy.  This sweet friend who I met when I was a pretty vulnerable freshman at Auburn with a pretty terrible hair cut.

Amy and I became fast friends when we found out we lived in the same dorm and played for the lacrosse team.


Amy’s the one on the far right that looks like an athlete.  I’m the one in the middle that looks like she’s just happy to be there.

Any time we had a lacrosse game in Georgia, we stayed with Amy’s parents.  They immediately welcomed me into their family, and her dad made sure I had an atlas in my car anytime I left their house.  Always be prepared…to make a fire because there’s no way I knew how to use that thing. Thank ya much, GPS.

Amy and I stayed friends throughout college. We had lots of adventures, and went on lots of trips.

This time we went to New Orleans where we conquered the art of beignet eating. We are dedicated to our craft.


This time we went to Savannah where we mastered made it through crab cracking.


Notice the look of hesitation on my face.

This time we went to dinner for Happy Birthday Crème Brule, and we took this picture every year after.


And this time, we spent Spring Break in a retirement community.


We also took a senior’s water aerobics class at said retirement community.  We did not have a swim cap, and we did not wear lipstick so we clearly stuck out.  We were however introduced to a lovely lady who attempted to set us up with her grandsons.  They don’t dance, but they’re handsome. Or so we’re told.

We went to lots of Auburn games.


And, I belly laugh every time I’m with her.

Amy Wedding

She’s really funny.

Amy laugh

Needless to say, we’ve had some pretty great times.  She is a constant source of encouragement and spurs me on.  She’s always helped me make a goal whether it’s for a trip or running a half marathon. And, she’s just really great.

And now, I’ll get to see her any time I want.  Because she’s moving to Huntsville!!

Last weekend, Amy and her husband, Austin (who is also great) made the trip to Huntsville to start looking for their new home. I know moving to a new place can be a little intimidating.

We didn’t feel completely at home until we found “our” Mexican place.  It’s the little things. The everyday routine things. That make you feel more settled.

In an effort to help them find “their” things and places, I made them an unofficial but equally great Welcome Basket.


I made a trip to  the Visitor’s Center to get a few brochures. Who knew it would be so informative? P.S. The Chamber of Commerce has a relocation basket! So there really is an official Welcome Basket.

I filled the basket with information about things they can see, do, and taste.


The basket would not be complete without a copy of the Huntsville Entertains cookbook. I bought this one at Harrison Brothers Hardware. I go there anytime I need a local gift.


This is a beautiful cookbook that includes such great information about Huntsville.  I bought one for myself for Christmas, and one for my mom.  I can’t wait to start cooking my way through this one!

Amy’s basket also had some goodies from the Green Street Market. It was the first time I had been to the store. I told the person in the store that I wanted to get something “local” for friends, and she motioned to the entire store.

Every thing is local like this book. It lists all of the farms in Huntsville along with what they grow and their hours. I may have bought one for myself too.


And, this little satchel of deliciousness is the Briar Patch Brew from a local favorite, Piper and Leaf.


I included a few of the larger magazines on the bedside table for some bedtime reading.


All in all, it was a pretty thorough welcome basket!


We had a fantastic weekend with them, and I already have some goals for this summer. Amy is an expert goal maker, and I have a  feeling she’s going to love things like the Farmers Market, Concerts on the Dock, and kayaking with nack.

So, Welcome to Huntsville, Austin and Amy. We’re so glad you’ll be here soon!



2 thoughts on “Amy’s Moving to Huntsville!

  1. Megan, We enjoy reading all your Mim and Olive emails. It let’s us keep up with you and your life. Keep sending them. Uncle Stewart


  2. I’m so excited to be moving to Huntsville and closer to you!!! I have been book marking recipes from the blog that I would like to try (have you make for me 😉 ) and now I have lots of ideas for fun, local things to do. I already have my list of summer goals and I’m feeling really good about them!!


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