What Fun!

This last week has been a whirlwind!  Such a fun whirlwind!

It all started when I took a trip to Birmingham for work.  While I was there, I got to reconnect with family, and of course we did that over Mexican food!


It’s not uncommon for me to work in Birmingham, and I take each of those opportunities to see family!  Mim’s legacy of hospitality has definitely been passed on to them.  They always welcome me, and make me feel so at home.

Once I got back into Huntsville, all of my attentions turned to Dan’s birthday.  Dan is one of the most selfless and thoughtful guys I know.  He is an excellent leader of our family, and I love taking his birthday to celebrate him.

Each year, we go to dinner with friends.  To Outback, specifically.  Dan likes what he likes.


Then, it’s back to our house for dessert and games.  Always cheesecake and always Catch Phrase. I told you. Dan really likes what he likes.


The last few years, I’ve tried a raspberry cheesecake.  It’s one of Dan’s favorites.  I’ve tried plain cheesecake with raspberry sauce, raspberry swirled cheesecake, and finally found my favorite!!  It’s a Martha Stewart recipe, and it is so creamy and good.


This year I also added an Oreo cheesecake to the mix for good measure.


We had a wonderful time celebrating, and I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for Dan this year!


After Dan’s birthday, I got to spend time with another special fella.  Sweet David and his precious mama, Katie, were in town to visit his grandparents.  I got to go to dinner and dessert with Katie and spend lots of time talking. At the end of the night, I got some sweet snuggles with this guy.


A week filled with family and birthdays would have been great, but then…

It Snowed!

As the predictions for snow started rolling in, I was pretty skeptical.  Growing up in Alabama, we eagerly waited for snow and prepared for snow.  Lots of milk and bread was purchased.  But, we rarely got snow.

This year, we were told to expect 3-6 inches, and  it was every bit of that!  It filled our patio furniture and covered our yard.

20150226_082549 20150226_082607

Dan thought it would be fun for Tuck to go on a walk. I passionately protested!  It was too cold.  His paws would freeze!  He couldn’t tell us when he was cold, and what if we couldn’t make it back before he froze??

We decided against the walk, but took Tuck outside to play in the yard.  He had a fantastic time! He loved catching snow balls, sticking his face in the snow, and rolling around.  Turns out he probably could have managed that walk.


The next day Dan invited some friends over. He found our snow shovel tucked away in the garage and started working before they came over.


I went inside to put out some butter so we could make cookies. And that perfectly sums up our priorities!

They had a great time building forts and having snowball fights.  I had a great time setting out coffee and hot cocoa.


As I stood in our kitchen watching the snow fall down, I had to think about Mim. I’m not sure why, but she always recorded the weather in her cookbooks. I love seeing her writing, even when it is about snow.



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