Let’s Catch Up!

Hey, Friend!  It is so good to talk to you again.  The past week has been ca-razy! I have been sick for the past week, but after lots of prescriptions and orange juice I am almost back to normal!  I hated to miss talking to you over the past week because so much has happened!

Let’s start with the fact that our friends are having a baby…again!  We’ve been anxiously waiting to find out if our friends are having a girl or a boy, and last weekend, they let us in on the secret!

These friends are so special to us.  I met Alice when I worked at Auburn Christian Fellowship.  She was working with the sophomores, and I was working with the freshman.  She is a dreamer and an idealist to the core, and I love that about her. When I found out our potential new home was 2 minutes and 11 seconds from hers, I knew we’d found the one!

Almost two years ago, she and her husband asked us to get frozen yogurt then slyly slipped into the conversation that they were expecting their first child.  For the first gender reveal, Alice asked me to bake a cake, and I was honored to be one of the first people to find out about the little girl that was coming into the world.

Juliette Cake

As I baked her cake, strawberry of course, I prayed over this child and her family, and was thrilled when I finally got to hold her.

Juliette Welcome

Now, we’re getting ready to meet her little BROTHER!  The gender reveal party was Valentine’s themed and we all brought a dessert to share.

I’ve been dying to make truffles so I pulled out the handy Ghiardelli chocolate cook book.


The truffle recipe is deceptively simple, but oh so delicious.  I dipped them in blue and pink chocolate because we didn’t know the gender just yet.  But, I was pretty convinced Baby is a boy so we made a few extra blue. I’m so glad I did!


We also got to go to a Super Bowl Party this year which was really just an excuse to make loaded potato skins.


I am not a professional football fan.  And, I only love college football because I love Auburn.  When you’re not invested in the game at all, you want the food to be good! We had a great time, and now I can’t wait for the fall!

Since then, we’ve signed up for the Hot Chocolate 5K in Nashville, booked flights to DC for my cousin’s wedding, and scheduled a baby shower for friends.  This Spring is filling up quickly, and there will be lots to share as we go!

In the meantime, I’m dreaming of Valentine’s treats and our weekend in Nashville.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Let’s catch up again soon.


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