Molten.Lava.Cake. Make it now!

We had such a great time a few weeks ago when our family came over for dinner.  It was sibling dinner night and I made these really cute napkins out of dishtowels.

It had been so cold the week of our dinner, and I wanted something warm and cozy!  We made spicy tacos and quesadillas for dinner. Yum.

When it came to dessert, we needed something equally warm and cozy.  Molten lava cake was an obvious choice.  You can find the original recipe for Gooey Chocolate Pudding Cakes at Better Homes and Gardens.

The title is right. It’s so, so, soooooo deliciously gooey and chocolatey.  I call it Molten Lava Cake though because it so, so, soooooo hot and bubbly and oozey when you take the first bite.  Just like hot lava.


I prepare the batter before dinner.  Then, I measure out the cocoa and water into the bowl I used for the batter.  I fill a pot with water and put it to the side during dinner.  When everyone is finishing their dinner, I boil the water, and follow the last steps of the recipe.  This gets the cake ready just as people are done with dinner and ready for dessert.  And, it keeps the cake warm.  Which is exactly what you want!

The original recipe typically uses ramekins.  If you want to do individual desserts, the individual ramekins are perfect.  I baked them this way for a girls night, and they were a huge hit!

Tonight though I wanted something very informal yet decadent.  And, I didn’t want to restrict anyone’s chocolate intake.  So I baked the cake in a 2.5 quart pan. That way you can just scoop as much as you want! No judgment here.


My dad has a rule that the dessert and ice cream should “run out” at the same time.  He is so wise.  So, if you finish your cake and still have some ice cream in your bowl, you must go back and get another scoop of cake.  There’s really no other way.


For six people, I made two recipes of the cake.  One cake is too small for that size crowd, but two is a little large.  I’d always rather have food leftover than have people leave hungry.  We had about two large servings left over, and I thoroughly enjoyed some of that the next day when I watched Downton Abbey.

I hope you make this soon.  It is so, so, soooooo good!


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