Rustic Ornaments


These ornaments are super simple to make.  Like almost embarrassingly simple.  Like typing these directions is probably more complicated. Simple.

Sometimes the simple things are the best things though.  These ornaments looked great on our Christmas tree!

Here’s what you’ll need to make the ornaments:


That’s raffia ribbon, Styrofoam balls, fabric, needles, and scissors.

I purchased two different sizes of ornaments.  The sizes I used were 80 mm and 100 mm ornaments.  I purchased them in packs of six.  So, two packs of 80 mm and two packs of 100 mm ornaments for a total of 24 ornaments.

For this amount of ornaments (24) I purchased two yards of fabric.

For an 80 mm ornament, cut a square of fabric that is 7 inches wide and 7.5 inches long.  Does that make this a rectangle of fabric?

Also cut two strips of fabric that are each 10.25 inches in length.  And, cut one piece of raffia that is 7 inches long.

For an 100 mm ornament, cut a square/rectangle of fabric that is 9 inches in length and 9.5 inches in width.

Also cut two strips of fabric that are each 13 inches in length, and raffia that is 7 inches long.

To make the ornament, begin by poking one needle through the ends of the raffia, making a loop.  This is the last piece you’ll use, but it helps to have it ready from the beginning.


Place the fabric square right side down. Lay the fabric strips over each other so that they make a cross shape.  It helps things move a little faster when you have the square and the strips side by side.


Place the Styrofoam ball in the center-ish of the fabric.  If it’s not perfectly center, that’s okay. Then, fold one corner of the fabric to the center of the ball.


Continue folding the corners to the center of the Styrofoam ball in an alternating pattern.  So, if you start with top left corner, your next fold should be from the bottom right. When all four corners are folded, it should look like this.


Now, you need your fabric strips.  Place the cloth covered ball in the center of the fabric strips.


Fold one strip of fabric to the center of the Styrofoam ball.  Continue this until all strips have wrapped around the ball.  You may have to tuck some of the fabric corners under the strip.  That’s okay!  Remember these are rustic decorations, not perfect decorations.


Once the four sides of the strips have been wrapped around the Styrofoam ball, secure the fabric with the raffia and needle.


Now, go hang them on your tree!


See what I mean? These are ridiculously simple, but they made a great impact on our tree!  I hope you enjoy them!

You may remember that the original plan for today’s post was to show you how to make an ornament wreath (in addition to the ornaments).  But, I called an audible.  I made a change.  After several crazy busy weeks and little time at home, Dan and I decided we needed to spend some time together and finally buy our Christmas tree.

You know by now that I love a good Christmas tree.  So, we had to find the perfect tree tonight!  We set off for this really cute tree lot- café lights and all.  When we got there, it was closed.  Like had closed two hours before we got there.  What kind of tree lot closes before most people even get home from work?

Not to be defeated, we set off for Home Depot.  There were no café lights, but there were trees.  I was pretty disappointed by the trees on display, when my husband gently turned me to the huge lot attached to the store.  Angels sang.  We spent the next half hour in the cold, deciding between several trees which looking back on it probably all looked the same.

We decided on a tree, took it home, turned on some Christmas music (specifically Otis Redding Holiday, my new favorite thing) then started decorating the tree!  It felt great to spend some time at home, but that meant there was no time for finishing the ornament wreath.  Luckily, that just means there’s more Christmas decorating to come!

I hope you’ll check back in to see the finished ornament wreath with step by step instructions! 

And, I hope you’ll follow Mim and Olive on Instagram.  You’ll see glimpses of the day to day things I love to celebrate! Like a good Christmas tree and a great guy!



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