Burlap Garland



My parent’s log cabin is situated between the homes of Mim and Olive.  I could see both of their homes from our front porch, and could yell to Olive when I wanted to come to her house to play.  Playing at Olive’s was fantastic!  She would let me play with her make up and shoes, and once she sent me home with a kitten. You can’t beat that!

Olive had a formal living room that had this giant (to me) antique sofa.  It had rolling arms and was covered in pink floral fabric.  I would lay on that couch and read with Olive all day.  I thought that room was the grandest thing.

Several years ago, Olive’s home was remodeled to be used for visiting family. Out went the antique sofa, and in came the camouflage.  Along with the remodel, we began calling Olive’s home the “camp house”.  While it was a big change, it has been fantastic!  We have used the camp house to host dinners, hunting trips, weekends with friends, and family gatherings.  When the camp house was hit by a tornado in 2011, we were devastated, but the family took to rebuilding.  The rebuilding process was long, but it was completed just in time for my sweet husband and his groomsmen to be able to get ready there for our wedding.

Groomsmen at camp house

The camp house is truly fantastic, and it has been transformed!  Where there were paintings, there are deer.  Where there was floral fabric, there’s plaid.  It doesn’t look like Olive’s, but it still feels like Olive’s. That’s what really matters!  It is warm and inviting and a little eclectic.  It’s impossible to feel uncomfortable there, and the kitchen table reminds me of the time I spent with Olive and Mim in their kitchens.

camphouse kitchen

I recently spent some time at the camp house dreaming about my upcoming trip for Christmas on the River.  In all of those dreams I saw burlap garland.  The great thing about having  a Christmas party in a camp house is that you can really play with lots of rustic design ideas, and I am ready to cover that tree in burlap garland!

When I decided to make those burlap dreams a reality, I stumbled upon Simply Notable and Life in High Cotton.  They both made beautiful garland, and if you want to see other techniques or learn how to make your own burlap ribbon, you should check them out. Both sites had lovely results.  The steps I used to create my burlap garland most closely resemble what I saw at Simply Notable, and I’ve added a few things I learned along the way.

Here’s how I made my burlap garland:

You will need burlap ribbon, twine, scissors, and a quilting needle to make burlap garland.


Let’s get started: Decide on the length of garland you would like.  An average garland length is 9 feet.  I have made all of my garlands to be 10 feet long.  You can customize your length based on what you need.

Cut your twine to the length that you will want for your garland.  So, if you want  9 feet of garland, cut 9 feet of twine.  I like to have a little wiggle room so I cut 10.5 feet of twine for 10 feet of garland.

Once your twine is cut, you’ll thread your needle leaving about four inches of twine.  This helps when you’re ready to tie off the twine at the end of the garland.


Run the thread and needle through a tail of the burlap ribbon leaving about 4 inches of twine for your knot.  I started the stitching about 1.5 inches from the end of the ribbon.


Tie a thick knot at the base. I made 4-6 knots to make a thick knot that will keep from slipping through the burlap.


Once your knot is secure, start weaving your twine through the burlap.  Over, under, over, under, over, under, you get the idea.  My stitches were 2 inches in length, which is also about 14 squares in the burlap.  This is not an exact science so it’s okay if some stitches are a little longer or shorter.


Make 6-10 stitches, then hold one end of the string, and scrunch the burlap towards the knot.  Fluff and shape the burlap then move on to your next 6-10 stitches.


Keep on stichin’ and scrunchin’ until you get to the end of the burlap.  If you get to the end of your burlap ribbon, and it’s the length you want, great!  Just tie a secure knot, and you’re done.   That just wasn’t enough for me!

I  found that a 15′ roll of burlap ribbon makes about 4′ of garland.

 So, if you get to the end of your burlap ribbon, and need more for length, like I did, you can combine the two rolls of burlap by doing this:

Keep stitchin’ and scrunchin’ until you have 6 inches of burlap left un-stitched.  Unroll the next roll of burlap ribbon, and overlap the ribbons.  Start weaving, over and under, to connect the two pieces. Once the pieces are connected, you can continue stitchin’ and scrunchin’.


Continue this until your burlap garland is your desired length.  Once you’ve reached the desired length, tie a secure knot to complete your garland. This is a glimpse of the ten feet of burlap garland I made.


It took me about two hours to complete ten feet of garland, but I’m sure you could do it much more quickly.  It had been a long day, and making the garland was super calming for me. Just what I needed!  If you can find a dog to lie beside you while you watch Frozen and make garland, it will be even better! Thanks, Tuck.


I’ll be hanging this garland on our Christmas tree at the camp house! And decorating the tree and kitchen table with other rustic elements.

I hope you’ll check back in to see the finished Christmas tree!

I’ll also be posting some of my favorite breakfast recipes on Friday.  What’s a relaxing weekend without a great breakfast, right?  




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