The Most WONDERFUL Time of the Year

Thanks so much for coming back to visit!  I’ve really loved writing about the goody bags we made for our neighbors, and the yummy Turtle Back Cookie recipe.  While those are the first posts of the blog, I really see this as the first “official” blog post!  This is where you get to know more about me, and some traditions that are really special to me!

I’ll be honest, writing the “About” section of this blog was probably the most difficult thing I’ve done in a long time. It is the post that took me the longest to write.

Recently, I celebrated my ten year high school reunion.  I went shopping, and told my husband I had to find an outfit that said, “Hey guys, this is me.  THIS is the person I’ve become.”  That’s a lot of pressure for an outfit, am I right??

So, I felt that same sense of anxiety as I began to write about myself.  How do you fit into a few words the person that you were, are, and hope to become?

I still can’t think of the best way to write that so I decided I’d just show you. This week, I’ll take you back where it all began.  That’s right my friend, we’re taking a trip home to Dayton this weekend!  We’ll also be going into Demopolis, Alabama this weekend!  City of the people and home to Christmas on the River!

Christmas on the River is an amazing, small town Christmas celebration, and it’s the kick off to my Christmas season each year! If you’ve known me for five minutes, you’ve probably been invited to Christmas on the River.


This was my husband’s very first Christmas on the River. Can you tell I was excited to share this with him?

We’ll be taking some friends back to Dayton for tree decorating at the camp house, cookie baking, parade watching, and lots of fried food eating.  I’m looking at you Chicken on a Stick.

Here’s the  itinerary for our weekend with friends:


Travel to Dayton

Christmas Movie Night and tree decorating at Olive’s home.


Rise and shine for breakfast! Remember “they” say breakfast is important.

Children’s Day Parade in Demopolis- Each year the school children make paper mache heads and march in the Children’s Day Parade. But ONLY with the assistance of a parent or an adult because those heads are too big and you can hardly see where you’re going. Nothing says Christmas like a kid in a Tweety Bird costume.

chicken little

Yes. That’s me. In that Tweety Bird costume. In all my glory

After the Children’s Day Parade, there will be fair food.  Lots and lots of delicious, fried fair food.

Cookie Baking and Hot Cocoa Sipping back at the Camp House

The Night Parade

"Floats that Really Float"

“Floats that Really Float”


Breakfast. I seriously love a day when the only agenda item is Breakfast.

There’s lots of meals to plan, decorations to make, and cookies to bake.  The week before Christmas on the River is full of planning and preparation!  I’ll be devoting this whole week to getting ready for the big weekend, and will keep you updated here!

Check back in with me on Wednesday when I share some decoration ideas, and again on Friday when I share some of my favorite breakfast recipes.

You’ll also want to start following Mim and Olive on Instagram. We’ll be chronicling the whole glorious weekend in pictures, and you don’t  want to miss seeing the “floats that really float”.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  I hope to see you again soon!


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